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Thank you to Eppie Archuleta of Alamosa, Colorado, and the Cordellia Coronado family of Medanales, New Mexico (between Espanola and Abiqueu), whose patience and help made this series possible. Both daughters of Agueda Martinez (worth a Google), Eppie demonstrates wool preparation, spinning, and the use of natural/vegetable dyes. The Coronado family, demonstrates tapestry weaving in the finest traditions of New Mexico's Upper Rio Grand region. If you are curious about loom weaving this will take you through the entire process from wool on the hoof to beautiful completed work. Most visuals are annotated with an explanation of their significance. If you view the series manually, click on the first slide and this annotation appears to right, with the next and previous slide above this. If you chose the slide show option, once the show has come up move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen and you will have controls to do all sorts of things including speed. As each visual appears in the slide show there will be a blue bubble on right side. Move the cursor to this and the annotation will appear. This series was done about 1980.

This series in now in the photo archives of the Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico. If you have interest in them contact: