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The Yucatan Flamingos spend most of their year in or near the Celestun Biosphere which is in both extreme northern Campeche State and extreme western Yucatan State. Because the mud is evidently better northwest of Cancun in the Biosphere Rio Largartos, they fly from Celestun to Lagartos to nest in summer. We commonly see a few scattered on the western side of the Gulf, too, along parts of Highway 145D and even as far north as Tampico once. The greatest concentration is near the town of Celestun west of Merida. One can rent a boat for morning or evening guided trips to bays in the mangroves where they congregate early before spreading out to feed and late before night falls. This area of the Gulf Coast is unimaginably rich in sea life, and Flamingos are made to eat shrimp in particular. The mangroves are a fascinating phenomena, acting as fertile breeding grounds and habitat for all sorts of life.