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This event took place in the Mayan large rancho/small pueblo of Santa Elena, which is a twenty minute drive south of Uxmal ruins and 1.5 hour drive south of Merida. Its economy is based on fairly small scale agriculture and stock raising. It can look both charming and disheveled. The people are warm and friendly. Time of year was late January, early February. These photos were taken the day before the actual celebration which was filled with preparations for many things including a feast. The food preparation and several events are done on the property of someone who has committed to the donation of something like $20,000NP ($1800 USD), two pigs, a cleaned up space of respectable size, and a source of electricity and water. This is an honor bestowed by the community and there seems to be no lack of aspirants. There are photos at another home area which is where the event will be held the following year. There is a band, women in traditional costume, and two pigs heads involved in this ritual. I will add a few notations as needed and as time allows. The sense of comminity and pride was profound.
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