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Situated in northwest central portion of the State of New Mexico, this "Anazazi" ruin is extensive with separate parts scattered over hundreds of acres. The road into this national historical park from the north, county roads 7900 and 7950, off NM Hwy 44, was graveled a few years ago although I have never been over it since this. The road from the south is dirt and in the Spring can turn to mud a foot deep. Summer is blistering and dry, with few facilities besides a museum and campground. October is a grand time to visit. Yet here in the early part of the Second Millennium C.E., there existed tens of thousands of people who built this, maintained it, traded, worshiped, raised families, and made a living from farming and hunting. Then there apparently was the great climatic change, and eventually moving became the only option. So here exists a ghost city. I will in coming months try to annotate some of these slides as I can which will make the content more meaningful.

This series in now in the photo archives of the Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico. If you have interest in them contact: