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For approximatly ten years I, with the assistance of my wife and patience of our two children, would take my visual arts students on trips to Northern New Mexico. These usually were about five days in length, and the fact that two-thirds of my high school students had never been out of the State of Colorado made it a grand adventure for them. One of the items on the agenda was a trip to Santa Clara Pueblo to see how traditional pottery was made. The graciousness of Florence Hawley Ellis provided the initial contact, and then over the years we used another family as well as the one you see here. Therefore, my memory can confuse things, and with this in mind I will not credit the pottters and family here for fear of not having it correct. This series of slides were obviously meant as a teaching tool.

This series in now in the photo archives of the Palace of the Governors/New Mexico History Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico. If you have interest in them contact: